plywood pattern engraving--'made in Hong Kong'
plywood pattern engraving--'made in Hong Kong'
Comtec's HK factory
Comtec's HK factory
stone engraving for coffee table
stone engraving for coffee table

Comtec Technology Asia Ltd. (EST 1991 in Hong Kong) 

tel:(852)2690 2318 fax: (852)2690 2819  

Email: [email protected]   Please visit:

1314, 13/FL., World Wide Industrial Centre, 47 Shan Mei St., Fotan, N.T. Hong Kong. 

CNC Engraving &  Cutting services on a wide range of materials: 

Granite, WoodMDFSteel, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Polycarbonate, Acrylic.



COMTEC Technology provides Engraving / Carving services with a wide variety of Granite, all at photo-quality resolution.

“STONE-CARVING” typically customers will utilize granite\marble for their stone inlays but we can cut & engrave your favorite logo or pattern on most hard surfaces.


(防飛沫透明膠板 隔離膠板 透明板) 保護產品適用于冠狀病毒疾病(COVID-19) 和打噴嚏防護.

 Protect plastic products apply for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) & sneeze, guards.


Your partner with over 30 years of experience in Engraving, 3D Engraving, CNC Cutting, Products Installation, and Design services.


Solic 3D Badge, Emblem, Insignia.

Wooden Plaque(實木)

wooden plaque for HKSYU
wooden plaque for HKSYU


Comtec Technology Asia Ltd(EST 1991 in Hong Kong) 

Comtec Technology HK is a Hi-Tech, Micro-Dynamics, CNC*, CAD/CAM Routing, Engraving & Carving system facilities. This facility was one of the first to emerge in the CAD/CAM, CNC Technical services in 1991.

*CNC is the abbreviation of a computer numerical control machine tool and is an automatic machine tool controlled by the program.

tel:(852)2690 2318    fax: (852)2690 2819   


Comtec Technology Asia Ltd.(EST 1991 in Hong Kong)

Arch'SD Approved Suppliers of Materials & Specialist Contractors….Reg.#2558P-2004.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) Approved Suppliers......E43060515

Hospital Authority......(Supplier REF. No.50054)


Hong Kong Baptist University......(Supplier ID 8997)

Hong Kong University......((Supplier: #20130110)

The Education University of Hong Kong. (Registered Vendor #21623)

MTR Corporation Limited  (Registered contractor / Supplier: #1013451)

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Registration Supplier           

TAI KWUN  (The Jockey Club CPS Limited) (Registered Supplier: VM-00699)

Hong Kong Ocean Park (Registered Vendor: #408899)  

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (FMS supplier #16760)

THE HANG SENG UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG (Registered Supplier: #026718)

Faculty of Medicine The Chinese University of Hong Kong---(Supplier REF.No.16956)

Hong Kong Housing Society (Registered Vendor 201608)

Hong Kong Academy of Medicine---(Facility services & supplier, REF No.201711-02)

Kum Shing Group金城營造集團 (Vendor:  VC3348)  

stone Engraving for HKCU
GraniteMarble Projects reference
GraniteMarble Projects reference
Black granite stone engraving
Black granite stone engraving

stone granite on a hall

stone granite engraving 

granite pattern engraving

Hong Kong
Hong Kong