steel cutting 2mm diameter hole

Comtec Technology Asia Ltd. (EST 1991 in Hong Kong) 

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CNC Engraving &  Cutting services on a wide range of materials:

Granite, CeramicWoodMDFSteel, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Polycarbonate, Acrylic.

COMTEC Technology offers quality Engraving &

Cutting services.

WE specialize in metal fabricators work with architects, interior designers, contractors, and homeowners. 

COMTEC can create and take great interest in design and structural metalwork, call us for your vents, perhaps you are wanting some DIY metal work done. we can do both small and big orders.

steel cutting & engraving
steel cutting & engraving

This is one of our main areas within the business, we only supply sign components to the trade whether it is just flat cut letters and logos to inlaid boxes(check our sign applications).

All our components are cut to your specific requirements under strict quality controls.

Here are some samples picture of our recent work if you have any questions please contact us an email or phone.

Confidence comes from outstanding quality.

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steel engraving
steel engraving
copper cutting for [
copper cutting for [
Brass cutting & engraved at TST Kowloon